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Our History

In 1960

Hebei Oceane Import And Export Trading Co., LTD. founded in Qinhuangdao, as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army No. 4003 factory

In 1976

Provide the emergency food for Tangshan Earthquake.

In 1985

The Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Yang Shangkun to the factory inspection, made important instructions for the factory production and management work.

In 1989

The factory was rated as a military-level advanced enterprise and a national second-class large-scale enterprise.

In 1998

Provide the emergency food for fighting against the flood.

In 2001

The factory was handed over to the local by the military and obtained the qualifications of a private enterprise.

In 2008

Provide the emergency food for Wenchuan Earthquake.

In 2010

Built the modern production base in northern industrial park of Qinhuangdao, the production capacity of 20000tons.

In 2020

Provided high-quality food for my country's foreign peacekeeping forces and emergency management departments to fight against the new crown epidemic.

In 2021

Provide the emergency food for Henan flood.

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