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How about the nutritious of canned vegetables compare with fresh food?

As a factory ,Ocean food® can provide high-quality canned vegetables.Canned vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh and frozen foods because canning preserves many nutrients. The amount of minerals, fat-soluble vitamins, protein, fat and carbohydrate remain relatively unchanged by the process of canning.

What kind of canned vegetables does selling?

Canned vegetables including canned salad, canned spicy pickled cabbage, and canned bean curd. These canned vegetables are all features the fresh vegetables, add kinds of seasonings, but no preservatives or artificial crap, much healthy and delicious.

Here in Ocean food®, a manufacturer and supplier provide canned mixed vegetable, spicy canned pickled cabbage, and canned beans.

Canned Salad

Canned salad produced by Ocean food® contains Chinese cabbage, carrots, onion, water, chili, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, vinegar. As canned vegetables are fully cooked, you do not have to worry at all about cooking it, just open the can and eat it or heat it if you like it. You can also use the canned salad as a partner for your sandwiches, or you can just enjoy a quick snack by trying it with crackers.

Canned Spicy Pickled Cabbage

The canned spicy pickled cabbage features the fresh pickled cabbage, plus oil, vinegar, chili, sugar, garlic, etc, after canned, under high temperature and high pressure sterilization, no preservatives, no additives, becoming a ready to eat food. It is perfect appetizers or side-dish for your noodles, or rice. canned vegetables perfect for home cooked meals, family get-togethers, or even camping food, can save much cooking time.

Canned Bean

Canned beans is one of canned vegetables, features the best dried bean curd, plus water, sugar, salt, soy sauce, chili, vinegar, after canned, under high temperature and high pressure sterilization, no preservatives, no additives, becoming a ready to eat food. Our canned beans is 100% plant-based protein, always Non-GMO, and naturally gluten free!

What's the Nutrition Values of canned vegetables?

Items Canned Salad Canned Spicy Pickled Cabbage Canned Bean Curd
PER 100g /NRV% PER100g /NRV% PER 100g /NRV%
Energy 265KJ 3% 187KJ 2% 410KJ 5%
Protein 0.8G 1% 1.9G 3% 9.2G 15%
Fat 1.8G 3% 2.1G 4% 2.0G 3%
Carbohydrate 10.7G 4% 4.5G 2% 10.5G 4%
Sodium 855MG 43% 1624MG 81% 789MG 39%

What is the application of canned vegetables?

Ocean food® canned vegetables are rich in a variety of trace elements and nutrition, perfect for different food, such as noodles, rice, etc. delicious in your homemade baked recipe or right from the can as a simple side dish Because of the canned package, canned vegetables are also perfect for the outside food.

Ocean food® canned vegetables can be eaten immediately, and can be made into vegetable salad with carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other vegetables; It could be put into pizza, and the taste will be much delicious; Canned vegetables are also perfect for the outside food.

What is the certificates for canned vegetables provide?

Ocean food® Factory respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from. We cherish our brands and quality, so Ocean food® Company have established a highly strict quality control system, passed the ISO, FDA, HACCP, etc. Hope to be one of your Chinese canned vegetables suppliers.

Ocean food® Factory has imported and domestic professional production line 12, equipment more than 500 sets, advanced machinery and equipment, exquisite technology, professional technical personnel, to ensure the quality and taste of products, and won the praise and trust of consumers.

What’s the packing of canned vegetables?

The package of canned vegetables is 12 tins per cartons, we also could pack as clients requirements.

Packing: Pack of 12tins or 24tins per carton or others

Items Specification CTN Size (mm) N.W. (KG) G.W. (KG)
Canned Salad 340g/397g*12tin/carton 406*304*65 4.8 6
Canned Spicy Pickled Cabbage 340g/397g*12tin/carton 406*304*65 4.8 6
Canned Bean Curd 340g/397g*12tin/carton 406*304*65 4.8 6

How to get canned vegetables?

Ocean food® is ready to provide our best quality tin can food to all customers around the world.

For 24 hours contact details as below:

Nina Wu (Sales Manager)

Email: nina@oceanenergyfood.com

Direct: 86 151 324 00201(WhatsApp & Wechat)

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Bean Curd

Bean Curd

Bean curd canned is a kind of canned beans that is made from dried bean curd, water, sugar, salt, soy sauce, chili, vinegar. It has no artificial colors and preservatives which much improve the score of the canned bean curd’s safety.

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Canned Bean Curd

Canned Bean Curd

The canned bean curd is made from the best dried bean curd, which is stewed and then canned by high temperature sterilization and sealing process. The Bean curd is marinated and filled with sauce, which is very delicious. The juice is full and full-bodied after one bite.

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Canned Green Salad

Canned Green Salad

Canned green salad is a very nutritious and healthy diet method. Most of it does not need to be heated, which will maximize the maintenance of various nutrients in vegetables so that they will not be damaged or lost.

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Salad Canned

Salad Canned

Salad canned is a kind of canned vegetables that is made from Chinese cabbage, carrots, onion, water, chili, vegetable oil, sugar, salt and vinegar. Salad canned has no artificial colors and no preservatives. It has long shelf life of 24 months. Salad canned is very suitable for family dining, emergency ration and outdoors food.

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