Compact Biscuits

Compact Biscuits

Welcome to wholesale newest compact biscuits from our factory. You can place orders compact biscuits at any time. As a professional China compact biscuits manufacturers and suppliers, we can meet the needs of different customers.
Compact biscuits are ordinary biscuits baked out, broken with a pulverizer, and then added with oil, sugar water and other adhesives, so that the biscuit powder and particles have a certain adhesion, and then pressed into blocks with pressure, and then packaged in vacuum, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. The advantage is that it is easy to carry, high in calories, easy to save, and the taste is actually good. So, both my clients and I think compact biscuits are better than ordinary biscuits.

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Product Description

Compact biscuits can be used as stored food during travel, navigation and mountaineering, and it is also very convenient and applicable as backup food for soldiers during war.

In the case of earthquake, flood, typhoon and so on, when there is a lack of food, compact biscuits can be used for emergency. Eating compact biscuits can prolong the time for survivors to wait for rescue.

Compact biscuits have better nutritional value than popular biscuits on the market. Their main ingredients are sugar, milk powder, glucose, etc. because they are developed for heavy physical consumption in military operations and training, the proportion of various nutrients is much higher than ordinary biscuits, and they are very easy to digest.

In fact, compact biscuits are only compressed in volume and increased in density, so they won't cause discomfort when eaten in water. Otherwise, won't they affect the combat effectiveness of soldiers? How can it be used in large areas in the army?

Ocean Food® Factory have established a highly strict quality control system, passed the ISO, FDA, HACCP, etc. Hope to be one of your Chinese compact biscuits suppliers.

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