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High Energy Bar Manufacturers

We are a company of people engaged in the production & wholesale of high energy bar for more than 60 years, covering most of the markets in Europe and America. As a Chinese high energy bar manufacturer and supplier, we always provide integration of R&D, production, wholesales, trading for global customers.

High energy bar, as the name, it's a bar with high energy. It contains wheat flour 60%, vegetable oil, sugar, glucose syrup, water, salt, etc. With no preservatives or artificial crap. Because it is compressed and very dense. No matter immediately before, during or after physical, it all can provide fast and long-lasting energy for top athletic performance! To be used depending on intensity and individual tolerance. Also suitable as a carbohydrate-rich snack in everyday life. 
Due to the high temperature and high-pressure sterilization, our high energy bar is suitable for long-term storage and transportation, plastic bag packaging is both hygienic and convenient, suitable for military and civilian use. 

Our high energy bar is carefully manufactured from certified sources and are subject to strict quality controls, passed the ISO, FDA, HACCP, etc. Hope to be one of your Chinese high energy bar supplier.  
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Are you looking for newest High Energy Bar made in China? Hebei Oceane can be your good partner! Our factory produces High Energy Bar, which are not only HACCP certificated, but also can be wholesaled at a reasonable price. Additionally, we have many fancy kinds of products in stock for you to choose from. These made us one of the famous suppliers in China.