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Mre Compressed Biscuit
  • Mre Compressed BiscuitMre Compressed Biscuit
  • Mre Compressed BiscuitMre Compressed Biscuit
  • Mre Compressed BiscuitMre Compressed Biscuit

Mre Compressed Biscuit

MRE compressed biscuits is the menu composed of Multivitamin and minerals high energy, Sauce beef, Crispy dried radish, Spicy cabbage, etc. We have produced two MRE compressed biscuits menus for you to choose from.

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Product Description

The description of MRE compressed biscuits

MRE is a set meal consisting of multivitamin and minerals high energy bars, sauce beef, and crispy dried radish. It not only provides high energy, but also rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Mre Compressed Biscuit

Mre Compressed Biscuit

The details of MRE compressed biscuits

Specification: 310g

Menu content: multivitamin and minerals high energy biscuits/bars 2X125g/ sauce beef 40g/ crispy dried radish 20g


Multivitamin and minerals high energy: WHEAT flour 60%, vegetable oil, whole WHEAT flour, sugar, edible glucose, water, whole MILK powder, SOYBEAN protein powder, mineral complex (calcium carbonate, ferrous lactate, zinc lactate, sodium selenite), salt, vitamin complex (retinyl acetate, cholecalciferol, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, nicotinic acid), food additives (sodium bicarbonate, ethyl maltol).

Sauce beef: Beef, vegetable oil, salt, white sugar, soy sauce, cooking wine, spice.

Crispy dried radish: Radish, salt, glucose, white sugar, lactobacillus.

Mre Compressed Biscuit

Shelf life: 36 months (store at normal temperature in a cool, dry place.)

The advantages of MRE compressed biscuits

1. Delicious taste: Our set menu includes different flavors of compressed biscuits, delicious beef, and vitamin-rich pickles to satisfy your craving for delicious food.

2. Easy to carry: MRE compressed biscuits reduce the weight of your backpack by eliminating the need to carry POTS and pans. And our products are packaged in soft plastic, which can greatly reduce the volume and save available space for you.

3. Satisfy your desire to eat meat: 40g of rich beef can satisfy your hunger for meat and make you eat more happily.

Why you choose us?

1. Rich experience: Hebei Oceane Import And Export Trading Co., LTD. has 61 years’ producing experience from 1960.

2. High quality: Hebei Oceane Import And Export Trading Co., LTD. adhere to the production of high quality products, never for a small profit and sell our accumulated years of brand reputation.

Mre Compressed Biscuit

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Welcome to China, welcome to our factory and company.

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