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Partners Came to Visit our Factory


On August 17, 2021, our partners in Baoding came to visit our factory to discuss cooperation matters about trade business.

We first told them the information about our factory.

Qinhuangdao Ocean Food co., LTD. formerly known as the Chinese people 's Liberation Army No. 400 factory, was founded in 1960, is located in Qinhuangdao. Originally belonging to the navy logistics department, the company is the only one collection of r &d, production, sales in the integration of large-scale comprehensive food processing enterprises.

For decades, developed by this company and cooperate with troops developed hundreds of military food, and many times obtain the army honor and progress prize in science and technology. The older generation of state leaders, comrade Zhu De, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, comrade Yang Shangkun and other state and military leaders have repeatedly visited the factory.

In 2001, the company actively response to the relevant national policies , Accept the jurisdiction of the local government, And in May 2010, Built a modern production base In northern industrial park of Qinhuangdao The main production of various kinds of canned food, compressed food, since the hot food, instant food, soup products and so on six big classes, ten series, more than 100 varieties, annual production capacity of 20000 tons.

And then we told them the basic knowledge of our products to help them better understand our products.

We introduced to them the production process of our canned products, compressed biscuit products and MRE products successively.

After introducing the production process to our partners, we introduced our products to them in detail. For example, canned braised pork, canned double cooked pork, canned braised meatballs, canned braised beef, canned yellow peach, canned orange, canned dried beans, and civil, 13 military, 17 military three series of MRE products.

After that, we took the customer to visit our workshop and visually watched the whole process of product production.

Finally, the customer went back satisfied with his knowledge and product.

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