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Is there any preservative in the can?


Answer: Of course not.

The long-term quality of canned food is mainly due to sealed containers and strict sterilization. All canned food must be “Commercially sterile”before it can be sold on the market. The main method to realize commercial sterilization is thermal sterilization, that is, the food in the canned container is heated to a certain temperature in the sterilizing kettle and sealed with a closed lid to realize sterilization or inactivation. As a result, the process of canning itself requires aseptic preservation, so there is no need to rely on preservatives to extend shelf life. Nitrite is added to canned meat to maintain color and inhibit the growth of Clostridium botulinum. It is not a preservative. In addition, neither preservatives nor preservatives should be added to canned food. China’s national standard, the common preservatives benzoic acid and its sodium salt, sorbic acid and its potassium salt, monocaprylic acid glycerides, etc. , are not allowed to add to canned food.