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The feature of the high energy bar(1)


1. Heat(high energy bar):  One energy bar weighs 50g and can provide more than 226kcal of heat. A 50g dark chocolate can provide 220kcal of heat, and the same weight of milk chocolate can provide 245kcal of heat. So, in terms of calories, the energy bar and chocolate are basically half the weight, equal and tied. What does this more than 200 calories mean? It is equivalent to the heat provided by 2 liang steamed bread or 4 liang rice. It can be used to boil 4 kg and a half of water, or ensure the heat you need to walk for 2 hours.

2. Energy source(high energy bar): as we all know, there are three major energy substances in the human body, namely carbohydrates (commonly known as sugar), protein and fat. Sugar is the most important and high-quality energy supply material in the body. Its oxygen consumption is small, and the end products of metabolism are carbon dioxide and water, which can reduce the feeling of exercise fatigue. Moreover, sugar is the only energy available to the brain. Because only sugar can smoothly pass through the brain barrier into brain tissue and be used by brain cells. Lack of brain energy supply will produce a sense of central fatigue. In each energy bar, the sugar content is more than 27.5g, and in chocolate of the same weight, the sugar content is about 26.5G, which is basically the same. But it should be noted that although the total amount of sugar is quite, the types of sugar are very learned. The sugar in chocolate is mainly sucrose. It is a simple sugar. It is absorbed into the blood quickly, but the maintenance time is short. The sugar in the energy bar is a scientific combination of monosaccharide, disaccharide and oligosaccharide. Oligosaccharides are polymerized from 3-10 monosaccharides, which can release energy continuously and gently. Therefore, the energy bar can not only realize rapid energy supply, but also ensure continuous energy supply, achieve energy relay, maintain stable blood glucose level and enhance exercise ability. In this round, the energy bar showed the advantages of science and technology.