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The requirement of the canned pork


1. The material used to make the container is not toxic to human body(canned food)
Canned food contains sugar, protein, fat, organic acid, salt and other components. As the materials of canned containers, they are in direct contact with food and need to be stored for a long time. They should not react with each other, do not endanger human health, and do not pollute the food and affect the food flavor.

2. Good sealing performance(canned food)
Food spoilage is often the result of microbial activities and reproduction in the nature of food, which promotes food decomposition. Canned food is a kind of food that can be preserved for a long time after processing, sealing and sterilization of food raw materials. If the sealing performance of the container is poor, the sterilized food will be polluted by microorganisms again, resulting in corruption and deterioration. Therefore, the container must have a very good sealing performance to ensure that the food can be isolated from the external air after disinfection and sterilization, prevent the pollution of external microorganisms and prevent deterioration, so that the food can be stored for a long time without deterioration.

3. It has good corrosion resistance(canned food)
Canned food contains organic acids, proteins and other organic substances, as well as some inorganic salts necessary for human body, which will corrode the container. Some substances will produce some chemical changes during the industrial production of canned food, releasing certain corrosive substances, and the contact between the contents and the container will also change slowly during the long-term storage of canned food, resulting in corrosion of the canned container. Therefore, as a canned food container, it must have good corrosion resistance.

4. Canned food is required to have good mechanical properties, not easy to deformation, damage and fragmentation, and soft material containers shall not be layered, so as to facilitate processing, transportation, storage and sales.