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The production process of the canned food


The basic processing process of canned food generally includes a series of processes such as raw material selection, cleaning, peeling, cutting, pre cooking, adding accessories, sterilization, exhaust, cooling, packaging and so on. Each link needs to strictly control the quality. Once the operation error will affect the quality of the final product.

First, the selection of canned food raw material is more important, which is the basic link to ensure the processing quality of canned food. According to the requirements of canned food, select raw materials with appropriate freshness, size and maturity. The surface of raw materials should be free of disease and mechanical damage. Remove raw materials that are shriveled, rotten and do not meet the requirements, so as to facilitate the operation of follow-up work.

Second, peel . For some raw materials of the canned food, peeling treatment is required, such as yellow peach, orange, etc. In the peeling process, pay attention to the protection of the pulp, keep the original shape, and deal with the damaged part in the peeling process. In this link, some raw materials need to be de nucleated, such as hawthorn. When de nucleating, we should adhere to the principle of reducing waste and do not damage the original shape of raw materials.

Third, cut into pieces(canned food). For some raw materials with large volume, they need to be cut into small pieces for easy storage and consumption. During cutting, appropriate cutting methods and sizes shall be adopted according to the requirements of canned packaging and the characteristics of raw materials, and the damaged parts shall be treated separately.