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Different kinds of canned meat(2)


(3) Pickled canned meat: it is a can made of raw meat, pickled with mixed salt prepared with salt, nitrate, sugar and other auxiliary materials, and then processed. These products have bright red and high water retention, such as lunch meat, salted beef, pork and ham.

(4) Smoked canned meat: cans made from processed raw materials after pickling and smoking. It has a distinctive smoky taste, such as western ham, smoked ribs, etc.

(5) Sausage canned meat: the meat is pickled and then added with various auxiliary materials, chopped and mixed to make minced meat, then put into the casing, smoked, precooked and canned.

(6) Visceral canned meat: cans made from the viscera and by-products of pigs, cattle and sheep after treatment, seasoning or pickling are visceral cans. Such as pig tongue, ox tongue, pig liver sauce, oxtail soup, stewed pig miscellaneous and other cans