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Method for Making High Energy Compressed Biscuits


Method for making compressed biscuits
There are usually several methods for making compressed biscuits. The first type, compressed biscuits is made by crushing crisp biscuits, adding ingredients and then compressing them. Generally, crisp biscuits are made according to the recipe and production process of crisp or crisp biscuits, then the biscuits are crushed into a mixture of granules and powder, and liquid syrup, grease and water are added, and the mixture is evenly stirred in the model and compressed by mechanical compression. become.
The second is to mix various powder raw materials with liquid oil and syrup and other raw materials, stir them into a granular structure, and then use airflow or boiling drying equipment to bake, dry and then mold.
The third method is based on the patented high-calorie and low-protein compressed biscuits. 150~250 parts of pregelatinized starch, 30-50 parts of edible vegetable oil, 20-40 parts of sugar and food coloring, flavoring agent. Pre-gelatinized 10%-20% starch slurry, dried, tableted and crushed at a temperature of 80-120℃. BHA, BHI, and dimethyl polysiloxane are defoamers, and then mix them according to the prescribed formula to make a dough, and bake it at 180-185°C for 15-18 minutes until a hard and brittle skin is formed. The finished biscuits are frozen and packaged Store.
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