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Do you gain weight by eating compressed biscuits?


The nutritional value of compressed biscuits is also relatively high. It is not without nutrition. Eating too much can easily lead to obesity.
1. Mistakenly believe that compressed biscuits have no nutrition. In fact, compressed biscuits have better nutritional value than popular biscuits on the market. Their main ingredients are white sugar, milk powder, glucose, etc. because they are developed for large physical consumption in military operations and training, the proportion of various nutrients is much higher than ordinary biscuits, and they are very easy to digest.
2. Mistakenly believe that compressed biscuits have swollen your stomach. In fact, compressed biscuits are only compressed in volume and increase in density. They will not expand with water and cause discomfort when eaten
matters needing attention:
1. Compressed biscuits will swell in the stomach after drinking water. So don't eat too much.
2. When eating compressed biscuits, you should pay attention to controlling the amount of food you eat, not too much at a time.
3. Eating too much is easy to get angry.
Compressed biscuits are easy to carry and digest. However, long-term consumption is not recommended. When eating, pay attention to the amount of food. Eating too much will lead to abdominal distention. In addition, when eating, you can match some fresh fruits and vegetables, so as to avoid constipation caused by eating compressed biscuits.