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Potential Safety Hazards Of Canned Tuna


Hebei Oceane Import And Export Trading Co., LTD. provides high-quality Canned Tuna products to customers all over the world. Tuna Fish Canned is a very convenient source of high-quality protein, and it can be stored in a box for a long time. But canned tuna has potential safety hazards.

Tuna meat already contains lead, and in the process of preparing tuna, tools will also bring corresponding lead. After canning, a large amount of lead in solder will penetrate into Tuna meat. The lead content of canned tuna meat without soldering can reach 7ug / g, while the lead content of canned tuna after soldering can reach 700-1400ug / g. To improve this problem, we should improve food processing and manufacturing, prohibit the use of solder on cans, which can reduce the intake before. The lead content can be further reduced by improving the conditioning methods such as drying and crushing. Excessive lead content in the human body will lead to headache, dizziness, limb pain, fatigue, indigestion, metal taste in the mouth, abdominal pain, constipation and other symptoms. "Lead lines" formed by the deposition of lead sulfide dot particles can be seen in the gingival mucosa of a few patients. Dark gray or blue banded or irregular patches.