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luncheon Meat


luncheon meat, when combined with other cuisines, can be surprisingly delicious and sometimes overshadow the main course
Here's how to eat luncheon meat:

luncheon meat with seared pasta, make sure it's a little burnt, sprinkled with sesame and seaweed and other seasonings

2.A creamy ham donut, with a salty, savory texture, and bits of ham melted in your mouth along with the cream. Can't get better!

3.The meaty luncheon meat, and peas and corn together, is the key to making egg fried rice so delicious!

4.Cheese luncheon meat Bacon egg burger, melted cheese with burnt meat, delicious almost drool ~

5.luncheon meat cut into small pieces and tomatoes together to make pasta, is really simple and delicious cooking

6. With a creamy macaroni, the creamy sweetness of the meat is great

7.Borscht, the thick soup soup must have luncheon meat, a bowl down the whole person energetic full case!

8.With instant noodles!

9.In a homemade burger, a slice of charred luncheon meat is thicker and more substantial than Bacon's

10.Bacon rolls of roast luncheon meat, the warm, meaty scent of winter, and it smells delicious

11.Hash Browns, luncheon meat and eggs, like potatoes and meat, will absolutely love to go, will feel more than the average hamburger also satisfying!

12.The potato luncheon meat lasagna, with a little cheese, the texture of the shredded meat mixed with the salty meat, is going to heaven!

Finally, a lot of people do not know the secret delicious, small cabbage fried luncheon meat diced, like to eat back to the pot of small partners, you can try oh, not so oily and will be more fragrant!

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