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Are Canned Food Full of Preservatives?


When mentioned the canned food, most of people think they have much preservative, no fresh and without any nutrition.
But as a professional canned food factory in China, we can say with absolute certainty that this is all prejudice.
1.Without any preservative
Canned food refers to the processing, canning, sealing, sterilization, cooling, or aseptic canning of materials that meet the requirements and meet commercial aseptic requirements, food that can normally be preserved at room temperature for a long time without the addition of preservatives.
All our canned food picked up the fresh material, adding seasonings, without any preservative, after fully cooked when it is done processing, after canned, it’s ready to eat as fresh dish for a quick meal any time. 
3.More healthy nutrition

Kept the nutrition of fresh raw materials, and do not add preservatives. Don't need to be refrigerated, facilitate storage transport, therefore the canned food is a good choice because of safety, nutrition and health.

Canned Food