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Introduction of the Compressed Biscuits


1. How many compressed biscuits to eat at a time

Compressed biscuits are made of puffed powder, sugar, peanut oil, salt, sesame seeds, water, with the characteristics of crispy, not easy to absorb water and become soft, generally compressed biscuits are about 100 grams of pack, calories have 450-500 kilocalories, so a time should not eat too much, a time to eat 50 grams on it. If you don't have a lot of time to exercise, just take one. If it's just a snack, don't eat too much, just half a piece. When eating compressed biscuits, it is best to be able to a mouthful of water compressed biscuits, so as not to choke.

2. What's the harm of eating too many compressed biscuits

Generally, eating too many compressed biscuits will lead to malnutrition in the human body, because the compressed biscuits contain relatively simple nutrients, lack of vitamins and other essential micronutrient, but the multivitamin is rich in multivitamins and can be consumed in a variety of ways while eating a compact cookie. Eating compressed biscuits will also reduce the intake of other foods, so do not recommend long-term eating.

3. How to eat a compressed biscuits

1. You can eat them dry, but it's best to take a sip of water and a bite of a crunchy cookie. Generally compressed biscuits contain 450-500 kilocalories per 100 grams, than a meal of rice (two rice, some vegetables and meat) about 100-150 kilocalories higher.
2, can soak to eat, while eating with water, so eat not too dry, but also easy to swallow.
3, can boil porridge, can be compressed biscuits on the pot boil porridge can be.