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Why Canned Food Can be Stored Long Time?


Maybe many people think much preservative in the canned food result long shelf life.

Actually, this is the wrong idea, canned food without any preservative, just depend on its strict processing technology to achieve the long shelf life.

1.Low oxygen content: 
By heating exhaust, vacuuming or filling nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixture, the oxygen content in the food and the cans is greatly reduced, and the potential growth of microorganisms in the cans is stagnant.
2.Tight seal:
Blocks the passage of air (oxygen) or microorganisms outside the container into the container.
3.High temperature sterilization:
High temperature sterilization will kills potential microorganisms in the cans due to heat treatment, physical action or chemical action. Generally, canned meat is low acid food, need about high temperature, over 100℃ to kill potential microorganisms.

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