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Army meal mre menu 9
  • Army meal mre menu 9Army meal mre menu 9
  • Army meal mre menu 9Army meal mre menu 9
  • Army meal mre menu 9Army meal mre menu 9

Army meal mre menu 9

Army meal mre is a kind of instant food that usually used for military combat training.The tightly package,good nutrition,and variety of meals options can provide adequate food and drink for soldiers.The Army meal mre is a self-contained,individual field ration in lightweight packaging.The flavors of our army meal mre have some features of traditional Chinese food.

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Product Description

Details introduction:

Army meal mre menu 9

Package specification:558g*12package/carton

Carton Dimension:463*352*205mm

Self life: 3 years

Specification and ingredients form:

 Shrimp and pineapple fried rice

rice, water, shrimp, pineapple, carrot,

green pea, corn, vegetable oil, salt,


 Black pepper beef fried noodles

beef, lentinus edodes ,carrot,

onion ,edible oil,sugar ,salt, black

pepper powder.

 Wild mushroom hibiscus soup

egg,flammulina velutipes,pleurotus eryngii,

agaricus bisporus,bamboo,maltodextrin,

salt,starch,seasoning,sugar,yeast extract powder

(yeast extract,salt)food additives(gelatin )spice.

 Dried mango
 mango, sugar.
 Chewing gum

food additives(xylitol, sorbitol,

d-mannitol,glycerin, maltitol, aspartame,

citric acid, soy phosphatide, titanium

dioxide, anselm, octyl, decyl

glycerate,carnauba wax, gum

arabic),gum base, flavor, maltodextrin.

 Flammulina velutipes and bamboo shoot

flammulina velutipes, bamboo shoot,

salt, sugar, vegetable oil, chili.

 Black pepper sauce

Water,sugar,soybean sauce,tomato jam,

black pepper,oyster, salt,garlic,vegetable oil.

Nutrition information:

 Energy (KJ)

This army meal mre menu 9 have two bags of entree fired rice,shrimp pineapple fried rice and black pepper beef fried noodles.This two main food are all taste very good.The pineapple make the fried rice little sweet and sour taste.The rice and noodles give the feeling of fullness.And the dried mango snack can make you happy.

Army meal mre menu 9

Army meal mre production technical process

Our products are of military-grade excellent quality,the workshop has strict production process.

The 1 step is check raw material, we have strict test standards for raw materials,to ensure that all raw material are qualified.

The 2 step is treatment of raw materials like cleaning and cutting

The 3 step is steam rice,to prepare ingredients and condiments in proportion.

The 4 step is fried with vegetables.

The 5 step is weigh and bagging.

The 6 step is seal bag and vacuum packing.

The 7 step is high temperature sterilization in sterilization kettle and air drying.

The 8 step is final inspect,packing accessories and storage.


Q1:What is the MOQ for OEM?

We can provide customized service,MOQ is 30000bags per menu.

Q2:What certifications do you have?

We have passed HACCP,ISO certificates.We have FDA and HALAL for high energy emergency ration.

Q3:What’s in the heating bag? Is it safe?

It’s magnesium powder and aluminum powder mixed in the heating bag, flameless,won’t cause fire.And won’t contact with food.

Q4:Do you have menus without pork?

We have about 5 menus without pork for selection,and we have R&D capability for new menus.

Army meal mre menu 9

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