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Canned Sliced Stewed Pork Manufacturers

We are a manufacturer and supplier of Canned Sliced Stewed Pork in China. Our general plant was founded in 1960, integrates the researching, developing, manufacturing, selling and service more than 60 years.

The most foundational feature of Canned Sliced Stewed Pork is the use of sealing and high temperature sterilization technology, eliminating the pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria, so do not need to add any preservatives. No matter how to improve the processing technology of canned meat, safety is the most important feature and basic element of Braised Pork Canned.

Canned Sliced Stewed Pork is fully cooked when it is done processing, so it’s ready to use for a quick meal any time. And daily supply of military, rescue and relief, fieldwork, camping, outer travel, etc.

With ISO & HACCP, our Canned Sliced Stewed Pork is high quality, and welcomed by the market, wholesale in USA and Europe. OEM & ODM can be provided as your need. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China. 
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Are you looking for newest Canned Sliced Stewed Pork made in China? Hebei Oceane can be your good partner! Our factory produces Canned Sliced Stewed Pork, which are not only HACCP certificated, but also can be wholesaled at a reasonable price. Additionally, we have many fancy kinds of products in stock for you to choose from. These made us one of the famous suppliers in China.