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Canned Pork Balls Manufacturers

We are a manufacturer of canned pork balls in China. We have been committed to wholesale canned pork balls in the sports field for 60 years, covering most of the markets in Europe and America. 

Our canned pork balls mainly contains pork, water, starch, salt, soy sauce, sugar, yellow rice wine, spices. Rich nutrition, more healthy.
Because canned packed, canned pork balls is also long shelf life canned food. Keep the nutrition of fresh raw materials, and do not add preservatives. Don't need to be refrigerated, facilitate storage transport, therefore the military canned food is the best with delicate taste and good elasticity for the picnic, travel, field operations.

Our company has been committed to providing customers with high quality products and excellent technical services. Established a perfect quality management and assurance system, passed the ISO, QS, HACCP, etc. Make the company more competitive in the industry. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China. 
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Where are purchasers who want to wholesale newest Canned Pork Balls? Customers all over the world, you can purchase that from us! We are Hebei Ocean, one of famous Canned Pork Balls suppliers in China. Our products have passed the HACCP certification. In addition, we have a variety kinds of products in stock for you to choose.