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MRE Food High Energy Bar Manufacturers

Oceane I/E Trading Company is a manufacturer & supplier of MRE Food High Energy Bar in China. We are the only food-processing enterprise in the army which could provide the integration of R&D, production, wholesales, trading with a large-scale.

With a shelf-life of 20 years, our MRE compressed biscuit is simply the best source of emergency nutrition available. For the same size, a MRE compressed biscuit can sometimes withstand the heat of the sky. It is dense and contains the energy that our body needs. And it is not easy to digest, so it is more hungry than ordinary biscuits. The emergency ration is perfect for your survival kit as well as the emergency situations such as being stuck somewhere for any reason whatsoever.

1. Handy size
2. Absolute emergency sustenance if out in the woods/side of road
3. Vacuum packed biscuit for longevity
4. Less than 1lb
5. Cheaper than US made ration bars per quantity size
6. Tasty enough to be a snack

With ISO & HACCP, our MRE Food High Energy Bar is high quality, and welcomed by the market, wholesale in USA and Europe. OEM & ODM can be provided as your need. Welcome inquiry. 
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Are you looking for newest MRE Food High Energy Bar made in China? Hebei Oceane can be your good partner! Our factory produces MRE Food High Energy Bar, which are not only HACCP certificated, but also can be wholesaled at a reasonable price. Additionally, we have many fancy kinds of products in stock for you to choose from. These made us one of the famous suppliers in China.