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125G Multivitamin High Energy Bar Manufacturers

We are a manufacturer and supplier of 125g multivitamin high energy bar in China. We have been committed to wholesale multivitamin compressed biscuit and multivitamin outdoor food in the military and civilian field for more than 60 years. 

Our 125g multivitamin high energy bar contains multi Vitamins, minerals, rich nutrition. It's made in wheat flour, sugar, oil, dairy products as the main raw material, by the cold powder, roll the roasting, cooling, crushing, mixing, can clip into other dried fruits, chicken floss and other accessories, and compression of multivitamin compressed biscuit. 
With no preservatives or artificial crap, and a taste so good you’ll be left begging for more. It can help your stomach absorb and supplement the nutrients you need. It has small size and high energy, vacuum packaging can be stored for a long time. It is easy to carry, daily supply of military, rescue and relief, fieldwork, camping, outer travel, etc.

At now, our company has imported and domestic professional production line 12, equipment more than 500sets, advanced machinery and equipment, exquisite technology technical personnel, to ensure the quality and taste of 125g multivitamin high energy bar, together passed the ISO9001, HACCP, etc, provide OEM and ODM services, won the praise and trust of consumers. 
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Where are purchasers who want to wholesale newest 125G Multivitamin High Energy Bar? Customers all over the world, you can purchase that from us! We are Hebei Ocean, one of famous 125G Multivitamin High Energy Bar suppliers in China. Our products have passed the HACCP certification. In addition, we have a variety kinds of products in stock for you to choose.