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Canned Beef Manufacturers

Oceane I/E Trading company offers an extensive line-up of canned products, especially canned beef. Our company has built an industry-leading reputation for providing quality canned beef at competitive prices, the market had been covered North America, Europe, Asia, etc, to become one of the Chinese suppliers of canned beef.

The canned beef is the ready to eat food, do not have to worry at all about cooking it, just open the can and eat it as it is or heat it if you like it. Of course, you can use it as the side dish, to enjoy  in all your favorite recipes: stews, soups, casseroles, ethnic dishes and more.

Our canned beef without artificial ingredients or preservatives, plus use the sealing and high temperature sterilization technology, it can be stored for about 36 months.
As for the nutrients, don't worry. Canned beef can be just as nutritious as fresh and frozen foods because canning preserves many nutrients. The amount of minerals, fat-soluble vitamins, protein, fat and carbohydrate remain relatively unchanged by the process of canning.

As a formerly army factory plus passed the ISO, QS, FDA, FACCP, etc, the food quality and safety can be guaranteed. So we can develop tailored programs for our customers, whether retailers or industrial canned food service companies. Hope there is a chance to cooperate.
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Are you looking for newest Canned Beef made in China? Hebei Oceane can be your good partner! Our factory produces Canned Beef, which are not only HACCP certificated, but also can be wholesaled at a reasonable price. Additionally, we have many fancy kinds of products in stock for you to choose from. These made us one of the famous suppliers in China.