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Canned Chicken Healthy
  • Canned Chicken HealthyCanned Chicken Healthy
  • Canned Chicken HealthyCanned Chicken Healthy
  • Canned Chicken HealthyCanned Chicken Healthy
  • Canned Chicken HealthyCanned Chicken Healthy

Canned Chicken Healthy

Chicken in the Canned chicken healthy contains a variety of minerals and rich vitamins, can supplement high-quality protein for the body, play a role in relieving fatigue, supplementing nutrition and enhancing physical quality.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of Canned Chicken Healthy

Canned chicken healthy is a kind of canned stewed chicken wing which is made by chicken wing root, winter bamboo shoot, mushroom, vegetable oil, sugar, edible salt, soy sauce, yellow rice wine and spices. Canned chicken healthy has no artificial colors, no preservatives and is rich in a variety of trace elements.

2. Specification of Canned Chicken Healthy

1) Solid content: ≥55%

2) Technological process of production:

Unfreeze→Cleaning and checking→Processing→Precooking→Frying→Stripping and slicing→Canning→Add seasoning→Sealing→Sterilization→Cooling→Heat preservation→Packaging

3) Nutrition information of canned chicken healthy

4)Kj and calorie energy conversion: 1000kJ=238.9Kcal


5)Serving suggestion: Ready to serve after opening,better after heating

3. Advantages of Canned Chicken Healthy

1) Canned chicken healthy is high in protein, which helps build muscle, making it a good nutritional supplement for those who want to build muscle at the gym.

Canned Chicken Healthy

2) Canned chicken healthy is high in protein and low in fat, making it a good food for dieters and fitness enthusiasts.

Canned Chicken Healthy

3) Canned chicken healthy can lower cholesterol and better protect the health of patients with high cholesterol.

Canned Chicken Healthy

4) Canned chicken healthy helps flush toxins out of your body and has antioxidant properties.

5) Canned chicken healthy is easy to carry. For the weak, it can provide good nutrition and relieve symptoms such as dizziness.

4. Why choose us?

1)Private brand and design;

2)Customized taste, color and gram number;


Canned Chicken Healthy

4)Our company has 12 imported and domestic professional production lines, more than 500 sets of equipment, advanced machinery and equipment, exquisite technology, professional technical personnel, to ensure the quality and taste of products, and won the praise and trust of consumers.

Canned Chicken Healthy


1)What's your products standardization?

We use vacuum aseptic packaging technology for packaging. After packaging, we screen qualified products through strict quality control. Provide consumers with safe, reliable and healthy food.

2)What's the price?

Price is depending on the size of the order, we offer discounts for our old customers.

3)What are your acceptable terms of payment?

We can accept many terms of payment , let's negotiate the details.

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