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Canned Green Salad
  • Canned Green SaladCanned Green Salad
  • Canned Green SaladCanned Green Salad
  • Canned Green SaladCanned Green Salad

Canned Green Salad

Canned green salad is a very nutritious and healthy diet method. Most of it does not need to be heated, which will maximize the maintenance of various nutrients in vegetables so that they will not be damaged or lost.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of Canned Green Salad

Canned green salad is a kind of canned vegetables, which is made by Chinese cabbage, carrots, onion, water, chili, vegetable oil, sugar, salt and vinegar. Vegetable salad is a very nutritious and healthy way to eat. First, most of it doesn't have to be heated, which maximizes the amount of nutrients in the vegetable from being destroyed or lost.

Canned Green Salad

2. Specification of Canned Green Salad

1) Specification: 397g/340g

2) Solid content: ≥70%

3) Nutrition of canned green salad

Canned Green Salad

4) Kj and calorie energy conversion: 1000kJ=238.9Kcal


5) Serving suggestion: Ready to serve after opening.

3. Advantages of Canned Green Salad

Canned green salad belongs to tinned salad, and most of its ingredients are vegetables. Do you know the advantages of eating vegetables? Please continue to look the following description.

Canned Green Salad

1)An important source of vitamins

Only vegetables and fruits in the food contain VC and VA original carotene, also contains VB1, B2 and niacin, VP and so on. VC can prevent and cure scurvy, VA can maintain vision, prevent dry eye disease and night blindness.

2) An important source of minerals

Vegetables contain calcium, iron, copper and other minerals, calcium is the baby bone and tooth development of the main substance, but also the prevention of rickets; Iron and copper can promote the synthesis of hemoglobin, stimulate the development of red blood cells, prevent the baby loss of appetite, anemia, promote growth and development; Minerals can make vegetables alkaline food, with grain and meat and other acidic food neutralization, with the adjustment of body fluid acid-base balance.

3)An important source of cellulose

Vegetables are rich in cellulose, which can stimulate gastric secretion and intestinal peristalsis, increase the contact area between food and digestive juices, help the human body to digest and absorb food, promote the discharge of metabolic waste, and prevent constipation.

4. Our Factory

We have provided a large number of high quality military food for the "1976 Tangshan earthquake","Vietnam defensive counter-attack","1998 Flood resistance","2008 Wenchuan earthquake",“2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake” etc.,and provided food for the Chinese peacekeeping troops and engineering units.The older generation of state leader Mr.Zhu De,the former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Mr.Yang Shangkun and other state and military leaders have repeatedly visited our factory.

Canned Green Salad

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