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Mre ready to eat menu 6
  • Mre ready to eat menu 6Mre ready to eat menu 6
  • Mre ready to eat menu 6Mre ready to eat menu 6
  • Mre ready to eat menu 6Mre ready to eat menu 6
  • Mre ready to eat menu 6Mre ready to eat menu 6

Mre ready to eat menu 6

Mre ready to eat means that all foods are fully cooked and ready to be eaten hot or cold. (taste better after heated).MRE meals are easy to store, easy to operate. Each package is a complete meal content 1,100 to 1,300 calories, which can be conveniently used for camping, hiking, hunting, biking etc.They are also the preferred solution for emergencies such as hurricanes and other disasters.The shelf life can last for 3 years.

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Product Description

Details introduction:

Mre ready to eat menu 6

Package specification: 508g*12package /carton

Carton Dimension: 463*352*205mm

Self life: 3 years

Specification and ingredients form:

 White noodles
 flour, water, soybean oil, salt.
 Mushroom with minced meat

pork, bean paste, mushroom, onion,

soybean oil, yellow rice wine, sugar,

ginger, garlic, starch, soy sauce, five

spice powder.

 Sauce beef

beef, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, soy

sauce, cooking wine, spices.

 Energy bar

brown rice, palm oil, maltodextrin, white

rice, corn, sugar, egg powder, soy

powder(soybean, wheat, salt,

sugar)buckwheat, cereal, mung bean,

snow lotus seed, barley, pea,red bean,

black bean, black rice.

 Instant powder drinks

malt extract, white sugar, citric acid, salt,

multivitamin, calcium lactate,

magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride,

niacin, potassium iodide, zinc sulfate,

rich selenium yeast.sucralose, essence.

 Chewing gum

food additives(xylitol, sorbitol,

d-mannitol,glycerin, maltitol, aspartame,

citric acid, soy phosphatide, titanium

dioxide, anselm, octyl, decyl

glycerate,carnauba wax, gum

arabic),gum base, flavor, maltodextrin.


cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar, whole

milk powder, salt, phospholipids.

 Sweet crisp cucumber

Cucumber,salt,sugar,soybean sauce,

soybean oil,chili,perilla leaf,chili leaf.

Nutrition information:

 Energy (KJ)
 4627 (1105Kcal)

This mre ready to eat menu 6 have one bags of white noodles,the mushroom with minced meat ,sauce beef and sweet crisp cucumber can be mixed with noodles together. This will taste better and has a richer texture.The energy bar and chocolate can provide enough energy.

mre ready to eat meals operation instruction:

Tear the heating bag along the top gap and put it flat. Pour some cool water into the water bag reach the water injection line, and then pour the water into the heating bag.Fold the heating bag upward quickly then turn the self-heating food over and lay it flat, Do not let the water out of the bag when you turn it over.After that, turn over the self-heating food every 5 minutes or so. Do not let water flow out during the operation. After 15 minutes, take out the food and enjoy.The temperature will be very high,hot caution.


The heating device and heating reaction residue are not edible! Pay attention to ventilation when heating!

Do not eat if the food packaging is swollen, damaged, or has a peculiar smell.

Pay attention to high temperature and hot caution when using.

Don’t let the water out the heating bag, lest is affect the heating effect.

Mre ready to eat menu 6

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