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MREs menu 4
  • MREs menu 4MREs menu 4
  • MREs menu 4MREs menu 4
  • MREs menu 4MREs menu 4

MREs menu 4

Meals ready to eat MREs is a self-contained, light-packed, individual field ration that is widely used by the military for use in combat or other field conditions MREs replaces canning MCI, which means meals, battles, and personal rations. It’s long shelf life, no artificial colors, no preservatives. It is cooked without fire, safe and fast.It only takes 10-15 minutes to enjoy the food.

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Product Description

Details introduction:

MREs menu 4

Package specification:531g*12package /carton

Carton Dimension:470*365*175mm

Self life: 3 years

Specification and ingredients form:

 Tai huang seafood fried rice

rice, water, pineapple, crab meat

products, vegetable oil, squid, meat

floss, onion, chili, peanuts, bean, shrimp,

conpoy, soy sauce, salt, sugar, spices.

 Mushroom stewed pork fried noodles

Wheat flour, water, pork, vegetable oil,

mushroom, soy sauce, chili sauce with

black bean, sugar, cooking wine, spices.

 Fruit and vegetable fiber chewable tablets

Suluble dietary fiber, maltodextrin,

mannitol, orange powder, sugar powder,

composite minerals(calcium carbonate,

magnesium oxide, sodium citrate,sodium

chloride, potassium chloride, zinc

chloride, rich selenium yeast, potassium

iodide), compound vitamin, vitamin c,

niacin, vitamin b6, vitamin b2,vitamin

b1,vitamin e, vitamin a, vitamin d,

vitamin b12), taurine, citric acid, sodium


 Chewing gum

food additives(xylitol, sorbitol,

d-mannitol, glycerin, maltitol, aspartame,

citric acid, soy phosphatide, titanium

dioxide, anselm, octyl, decyl glycerate,

carnauba wax, gum arabic),gum base,

flavor, maltodextrin.

 Spicy cabbage

Cabbage, chili, salt, glucose, white

sugar, lactobacilli.

 Mushroom paste

Mushroom,vegetable oil, soybean paste,

sesame, salt, spices, sodium glutamate,

taste nucleotide disodium, potassium


Nutrition information:

 Energy (KJ)
 5266 (1258Kcal)

This MREs menu 4 have two bags of main food,seafood fried rice and mushroom pork fried noodles.The spicy cabbage and mushroom paste can be mixed with the main food,it will make the food more tasty. And the fruit and vegetable fiber chewable tablets can offer variety of vitamins.

MREs menu 4

MREs self heating food operation instruction: Tear the main food heating bag, find the transparent water bag, pour some water in it,reach the water injection line. Then pour the water into the main food heating bag. Lay it flat and quickly fold up the heating bag mouth.Notice the high temperature of the reaction.Try not to let the water out of the heating bag,so as not to affect the heating effect. Heat the food evenly,turn over the heating bag every 5 minutes, about 10-15 minutes, open the main food and pour it into the paper plate and enjoy it.


Q1:What is the MOQ?

Our MOQ for customized production is 30000bags.

Q2:What certifications do you have?

We have passed HACCP,ISO certificates.

Q3:What inside the heating bag?

It’s mixed magnesium powder and aluminum powder, non-flame,very safe to use.

Q4:Do you have menus without pork?

We have about 5 menus without pork for selection.

MREs menu 4

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