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Bean Curd

Bean curd canned is a kind of canned beans that is made from dried bean curd, water, sugar, salt, soy sauce, chili, vinegar. It has no artificial colors and preservatives which much improve the score of the canned bean curd’s safety.

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Product Description

The introduction of Bean curd

Bean curd canned has a long shelf life of 30 months if stored at normal temperature in a cool, dry place. Bean curd canned is a very suitable food as leisure food, emergency ration, and military food.

Bean Curd

The detailed information of the bean curd canned

Specification: 397g/340g

Solid content: ≥65%

Serving suggestion: ready to serve after opening

The content of artificial colors: 0%

The content of preservatives: 0%

The information of nutrition

Bean Curd

What’s the bean curd functions for human’s body?

Tofu is rich in protein, and tofu protein is a complete protein. It not only contains 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, but also its ratio is close to human needs, and has high nutritional value. Osteoporosis caused by calcium promotes bone development, which is extremely beneficial to the bone growth of children and the elderly.

Bean Curd

The bean curd canned has no preservative, what are the disadvantages of preservative?

(1) Some artificial sweeteners and cream pigments can cause cancer. In addition, sodium nitrite can also cause cancer in products such as meat and fish.

(2) It can cause acute and chronic poisoning, which can cause potential danger to the human body.

How the bean curd canned has long shelf life without preservative?

The most fundamental feature of canned bean curd is the use of sealing and high-temperature sterilization technology to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria, so there is no need to add any preservatives.

The advantages of our company

1. Our company has a history of more than 60 years and has gained a great reputation.

2. Our enterprise passed the HACCP food safety system, ISO22000 food safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

Bean Curd

3. The main production of various kinds of canned food, compressed food, since the hot food, instant food, soup products and so on six big classes, ten series, more than 100 varieties, annal production capacity of 20000 tons.

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