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The feature of the high energy bar(2)


3. Fat content of the high energy bar: many female friends "talk about fat color change" and always "stay away from fat". The reason is very simple. Excessive fat intake will hoard in the body and cause obesity. At the same time, friends who have no scruples about obesity need to pay attention to that fat is not the best energy material in the process of exercise. Because fat provides energy, it produces acidic metabolites. When the human body is in motion, the body fluid is acidified. Acid metabolites can only increase the burden of the body and aggravate the fatigue of the body. In terms of energy bars and chocolate, the fat content of each energy bar is less than 10g, while the fat content of each 50g chocolate is about 20g. Therefore, energy bars are favored by many beauty loving women for their high energy and low fat. In contrast, energy bars have more advantages in maintaining energy supply during exercise and delaying fatigue.

4. Vitamins of the high energy bar: vitamins play a very important role in maintaining the normal physiological function of the body. B vitamins are closely related to energy metabolism during exercise, especially vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. They are indispensable components in the metabolic process of the three energy supplying substances, but people often have insufficient intake in the diet. Because cereals are an important source of these vitamins, but fine processing will greatly lose these vitamins. The content of B vitamins in chocolate is very small, and VitB1 and vitb2 are specially added to the energy bar to promote energy generation during exercise. It is also evident that the energy bar is specially designed for sports people.