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The Efficacy and Function of Compressed Biscuits


The efficacy and function of compressed biscuits
1. Quickly replenish physical strength. Compressed biscuits are characterized by high calories, high fat and high protein. Eating a piece can help quickly replenish physical strength and meet the calories needed by the human body. The calories of one hundred grams of compressed biscuits are equivalent to 400 grams of white. The calories of rice.
 2. The compressed biscuits are more hungry. The compressed biscuits have a tighter texture. The use of puffing agents reduces the moisture content of the compressed biscuits, and is not easy to absorb water. The compressed biscuits can supplement physical strength in the same volume. Tolerant of hunger.
3. Take military compressed biscuits as an example. The weight of a pack is 500 grams per catty and the calories are 10,000 kcal. If such calories are taken in the way ordinary people eat meals, it is harmful to the human body. Therefore, when choosing compressed biscuits, you need to calculate two calories, one is the calories consumed by your labor intensity, and the other is what the biscuits can provide at one time. Generally speaking, even the most common compressed biscuits have calories of 2021 kJ per bag, which is more than 480 calories, which is enough to support an average person to walk for seven hours at an average speed (about 70 calories per hour). So up and down It is estimated that eating once every two hours is sufficient for ordinary mountain climbing activities. And it’s not recommended to take it all at once. It’s a reasonable way to take it while eating, or it’s contained.
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