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The Revival of Canned Food is the New Trend of "Emergency Rations"


For most people living now, canned food is a very convenient fast food. For the older generation, the canned food in memory is a very charming food, representing high-quality taste. As a child, it was only bought and eaten during festivals, so canned meat or canned fruit are a very beautiful food.

canned food

Covid-19 was destined to be an extraordinary year in 2020. Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the second day Costco, the world's largest retailer, launched its "end of the world" tinned suit, which contained hundreds of cans of fruit, vegetables, meat and milk for 4 years, and their shelf life lasted 30 years. And we also stay at home in the first half of 2020, which also brings our high-quality ham lunch meat back to the public eye. According to the data of consumption daily, on some shopping platform apps, the sales volume of canned meat from January to April 2020 increased by 160% year-on-year, and Gmv increased by 225% year-on-year. Yes, you are right. With the development of the times, the era of canning has come.

canned pork luncheon meat

Overall, the revival of canned food is not only a grain reserve of this era, but also a popular trend.
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