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Canned Food


Do you like to eat canned food? Do you know the origin of canned food? Do you know the type of canned food and How to choose?
Canned food refers to food made from raw materials that have been processed, canned, sealed, sterilized and packaged. Canned food is a special form of food preservation method. It overcomes seasonal and regional constraints on the availability of food varieties.
Canned food began in 1810 and has a history of more than 200 years, and the production process is very mellow.Therefore, there are many types of canned food, such as canned livestock meat, canned poultry, canned aquatic animals, canned fruits, canned vegetables, canned dried fruits and nuts, canned cereals and beans, and other canned foods

How to choose?In general, the selection of canned food should be checked from the surface to inside, and check the date. As long as the trademark is clear, the appearance of the can box is clean, shiny, rust-free, the solder is complete, the sealing is tight, there is no damage, no deformation, and the can is not expanded.They are all canned products that can be safely eaten.

canned food