Premium Ham Luncheon Meat
  • Premium Ham Luncheon MeatPremium Ham Luncheon Meat
  • Premium Ham Luncheon MeatPremium Ham Luncheon Meat
  • Premium Ham Luncheon MeatPremium Ham Luncheon Meat

Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

Premium ham luncheon meat is a kind of food that we are familiar with. We love luncheon meat very much. Such food is favored by many people because it is convenient to eat. Premium ham luncheon meat should always be stored at room temperature, away from light, in a dry and cool place.

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Product Description

1.Introduction of Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

Premium ham luncheon meat is a kind of canned luncheon meat which is made by pork, water, starch, soy protein isolate, salt, sugar, white pepper powder and food additives including sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium d-isoascorbate and sodium nitrite.

Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

2. Specification of Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

1)Specification: 198g/340g

2)Solid content: 100%

3)Nutrition information of premium ham luncheon meat

Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

4) Kj and calorie energy conversion: 1000kJ=238.9Kcal

198g—565Kcal /340g—970Kcal

5) Serving suggestion: Ready to serve after opening, taste better after heating.

3. Advantages of Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

1) Canned luncheon meat for lunch meat belongs to the production of a product under high temperature and high pressure, but because the luncheon meat of select material is fresh, belong to the fresh produce, fresh packaging of a food, and after high pressure treatment, in the process, in fact it can be better in the precipitation of fleshy nutrition, and it is good for our health.

Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

2)Sanitary and nutritious

In fact, lunch meat doesn't need any preservatives, so lunch meat to eat is to use very safe, health, also is a kind of food you eat more often, luncheon meat is necessary, at the same time lunch meat protein, fat, carbohydrate, nicotinic acid and other nutrients are very rich, for we human are needed, and minerals in the content of sodium and potassium are also higher. So for the rest of us, it's actually edible.

4. How to eat Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

When eating premium ham luncheon meat, we have many ways to enjoy canned luncheon meat. First, we can directly eat raw food.

Second, lunch meat can be heated in the microwave oven. After heating luncheon meat, its flavor is better.

Third, we can fry the lunch meat.

So you might want to try these out when you're eating spam.

Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

5. Why choose us?

1)60 years' experience in the production of military food.

2)Advanced modern equipment and production process.

3)Chinese government designated emergency & disaster relief food.

4)HACCP,ISO,QS can be supplied.

5)We have provided a large number of high quality military food for the "1976 Tangshan earthquake","Vietnam defensive counter-attack","1998 Flood resistance","2008 Wenchuan earthquake",“2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake” etc.,and provided food for the Chinese peacekeeping troops and engineering units.The older generation of state leader Mr.Zhu De,the former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Mr.Yang Shangkun and other state and military leaders have repeatedly visited our factory.

Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

Premium Ham Luncheon Meat

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