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Spicy Tuna

Spicy tuna is a kind of spicy canned tuna. The meat is tender and delicious, and is not polluted by the environment, which is a rare healthy food for modern people.

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Product Description

1. Introduction of Spicy Tuna

Spicy tuna is a kind of canned tuna which is made by tuna, water, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, chili and spices. Spicy tuna can store at normal temperature in a cool and dry place. Tuna is a large - scale pelagic important commercial edible fish.

Spicy Tuna

2. Specification of Spicy Tuna

Spicy Tuna

1)Specification: 175g

2)Solid content: ≥60%

3)Nutrition information of spicy tuna

Spicy Tuna

4)Kj and calorie energy conversion: 1000kJ=238.9Kcal/175g—427.6Kcal.

5)Serving suggestion: Ready to serve after opening.

Spicy Tuna

3. Advantages of Spicy Tuna

1)Strong bones and muscles

Spicy tuna can complement deficiency and strengthen Yang, eliminate rheumatism, strengthen muscles and bones, regulate blood sugar, and have prevention and treatment effects on sexual dysfunction, diabetes, impotence of asthenia, rheumatism and pain, weakness of muscles and bones.

2)High calcium

Canned tuna meat is high in calcium and is often eaten for healthy teeth and bones.

3)Promote brain development

Canned tuna is rich in tyramine acid, which helps produce neurotransmitters in the brain that keep people focused and thinking. The fish eye contains docosahexaenoic acid, a substance that promotes brain development in children and slows memory loss in the elderly.

4)Hairdressing reducing weight

Spicy canned tuna meat has low fat, low calorie, and high quality protein and other nutrients. Eating canned tuna food, not only can maintain a slim figure, but can balance the body nutrition. Spicy tuna is the ideal choice for modern women to lose weight easily.

5)Prevention of anemia

Iron is an indispensable element in human body. Tuna blood is rich in iron and vitamin B12, easy to be absorbed by the human body. Regular edible, can supplement iron cent, prevent anaemia, and can serve as anaemia auxiliary treatment food.

Spicy Tuna

4. Our Factory

Our factory has built a 30000 ㎡ modern production plant, with 18 modern production lines and dozens of modern production equipment, like automatic baking machine, sterilization pot etc., also we have 16 excellent R&D engineers. We have obtained honor of Chinese outstanding integrity enterprises and consumers recognized brand enterprises for many times, and passed HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000,HALAL,FDA etc.

Spicy Tuna

5. FAQ

1)What's your products standardization?

We use vacuum aseptic packaging technology for packaging. After packaging, we screen qualified products through strict quality control. Provide consumers with safe, reliable and healthy food.

2)What is your MOQ?

Our wholesale MOQ is 1000 cartons, we also accept retail order.

3)What's the price?

Price is depending on the size of the order, we offer discounts for our old customers.

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