Compressed Biscuit
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  • Compressed BiscuitCompressed Biscuit
  • Compressed BiscuitCompressed Biscuit
  • Compressed BiscuitCompressed Biscuit

Compressed Biscuit

Compressed biscuits is a kind of biscuit with high energy, which is made of wheat flour, sugar, oil and dairy as main raw materials by the cold powder technology, roller baking, cooling, crushing, mixing, pressing and so on.

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Product Description

Introduction of the compressed biscuits

Compressed biscuits are a type of biscuit. They are also made from common ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar and oil, but are compressed to make them look smaller and more portable

With the diversity of people’s lives, compressed biscuits meet the needs of the times out of the army, in people’s daily life more and more popular.

What is the compressed biscuit? Let’s check the specifications of the compressed biscuits:

Compressed biscuit Ingredients: Wheat flour 60%,vegetable oil, sugar, glucose syrup, water, salt, raising agent:sodium carbonate, flavoring extracts.(The original flavor without flavoring extracts.)

Compressed Biscuit

Flavors: Original flavor/Chocolate flavor/Orange flavor/Peach flavor/ Peanut flavor/ Sesame flavor/Onion flavor.

(Please specify the flavors you needed, we also accept the mixed flavors)

Compressed Biscuit

NUTRITION INFORMATION of compressed biscuits

CALORIES 1988kJ /475Kcal
FAT 19.4g
SALT 0.238g

Kj and calorie energy conversion: 1000kJ=238.9Kcal / 988kJ=475Kcal/ 60g -285Kcal/ 100g-475Kcal/120g-570Kcal/200g-950Kcal.

The compressed biscuits with high energy

Compressed biscuits have about 460 calories per 100g, compared to just over 100 calories per bowl of rice, so they are a high calorie food. The main formula of compressed biscuits is wheat flour, fat, sugar, leavening agent and dairy products, eggs, nuts, coconut, chocolate, raisins, grains and so on. Its carbohydrate content is the most, account for 60% , protein account for 5% ~ 10% , fat account for about 5% , it can provide heat to the consumer quickly, eat a compressed biscuit is equal to eat a meal, so the quantity of heat is very high.

Since the high energy of the compressed biscuit,it is necessary for the below application:

Military combat ration

emergency medical service

relief supplies reserve

outdoor sports


leisure food.

Compressed Biscuit

Why choose Hebei Oceane Import And Export Trading Co., LTD.? - Factory introduction

Best compressed biscuit from the high quality control factory, Hebei Oceane Import And Export Trading Co., LTD. in more than 60 years experience of the compressed biscuits production.

Compressed Biscuit

Long history --

Hebei Oceane Import And Export Trading Co., LTD. formerly known as the Chinese people’s Liberation Army No. 4003 factory, was founded in 1960.

Company has made a major contribution for the army's logistical support and for the past Major disaster event and Military operations. The older generation of state leaders, comrade Zhu De, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, comrade Yang Shangkun and other state and military leaders have repeatedly visited the factory.

Compressed Biscuit

Strictly quality control --

From the first step to our workshop to finished the package, we have strict and healthy production line to make sure each of the compressed biscuit is safety for customer.

Compressed Biscuit

Fine service --

24 hours service,

OEM/ODM is acceptable

Sample is available

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