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Emergency Ration

Emergency ration is a kind of MRE food which includes multivitamin and minerals high energy biscuits, sauce beef and crispy dried radish. It can be served as military combat ration, emergency medical service, relief supplies reserve, outdoor sports supplies, leisure food and so on. Long shelf life and easy to carry are two advantages of this emergency ration.

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Product Description

The description of Emergency ration

Emergency ration is very useful for our daily life. So what is the MRE food, why it can be used as emergency ration and what about the factory? You could read it in this passage.

Emergency Ration

The specifications of emergency ration

1. Gross Weight: 310g

2. Menu Content: 2x125g multivitamin and minerals high energy biscuits,

40g sauce beef,

20g crispy dried radish

3. Shelf Life: 36 months (store at normal temperature in a cool, dry place)

4. Packing: all vacuum packed in aluminum foil bags to maximize the shelf life.

5. Nutrition Information

Energy(KJ) 5235(1251Kcal)
Protein(g) 44.5
Fat(g) 49.8
Carbohydrate(g) 156.4

Emergency Ration

What’s the meaning of MRE?

MRE(meal, ready-to-eat individual), literally, is a kind of food that can be eat right now. Soldiers don't have the leisure time to cook food to eat when fighting, and they may be in the wild in order to solve or polar, they need such rations to fill their stomachs. Nowadays, MRE food not only belongs to soldiers, but also belongs to us ordinary people as a sort of emergency food and instant food, etc.

Emergency Ration

Why it can be used as emergency ration?

1. This emergency ration‘s comprehensive shelf life is 3 years, but it includes high energy biscuits with a shelf life of 20 years.

2. This emergency ration uses vacuum aluminum foil packaging to make it small and easy to carry in large quantities.

3. This emergency ration’s recipes are meat-and-vegetables and well-balanced, which can satisfy the human body’s nutritional needs.

Emergency Ration

Brief introduction of our factory

After more than 60 years of accumulation, our company has a modern business management model, and its reputation has spread far and wide. We always adhere to the corporate mission of "military quality, shared with the whole people"

Emergency Ration

Over the past few decades, our factory has independently developed and cooperated with the Army’s Munitions Food Research Institute to develop hundreds of military foods, and has won numerous military honors and scientific and technological progress awards. So far, it has produced 365,000 tons of canned food, compressed dry food, self-heating food, mre food, etc. for the army, and 158,000 tons of products for export and domestic sales.

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