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Lunch Meat

Lunch Meat is processed through raw material pretreatment, vacuum stirring, canning, exhaust sealing, sterilization, cooling, cleaning, drying, and heat preservation, and then undergoes inspection and packaging to become a finished product.

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Product Description

The information about lunch meat:

Lunch meat is a kind of healthy and delicious food packaged in cans, which is rich in trace elements and has a fresh and tender texture. It is highly sought after at home and abroad. Lunch meat originated from the upper middle class in the United States. At that time, only the middle and upper class had the habit of eating lunch. This canned food that became popular at lunch parties was also called luncheon meat. And now, because of its convenience and delicious taste, lunch meat is loved by people all over the world.

Lunch Meat

The reasons to tempt you to choose lunch meat:

1. Wonderful taste: Lunch meat is shaped by compressing minced meat into cans, and the meat is very tight and delicate. The taste is similar to chewy jelly.

2. Convenient to carry: Canned lunch meat can greatly reduce the space occupied.

3. Health:The shelf life of lunch meat that has undergone high temperature, high pressure and sterilization treatment is effectively extended.

4. Rich in nutrients and energy:Lunch meat uses high-quality raw materials, rich in protein and fat, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients.

Lunch Meat

The details of lunch meat:

Specification: 198g/340g

Solid content: 100%

Ingredients: pork, water, starch, soy protein isolate, salt, sugar, white pepper powder, food additives (sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium d-isoascorbate, sodium nitrite).

Lunch Meat

Kj and calorie energy conversion: 1000kJ=238.9Kcal

198g—565Kcal /340g—970Kcal

Serving suggestion: Ready to serve after opening, taste better after heating.

Shelf life: 36 months (store at normal temperature in a cool, dry place.)

Starch content: ≤6%

About our introduction:

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Lunch Meat

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