MRE - personal combat ration - meals ready to eat - is the self-contained military ration food. Different MRE series with different staple food and variety of dish. A single complete MRE meals is the instant food, nutritionally balanced and contains between 1100-1300 calories.

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- Why the MRE can used for military ration?1.One pack of the MRE contains the food, drink and self heating pack. No limited of the outside environment;
2.17 Series MRE with variety of the dishes, such as chocolate, dried blueberry, chewing gum, ect. With high energy, can replenish energy in a very short time;
3.Vacuum package, the MRE in at least 3 years shelf life, also perfect for military reserves.

There are 4 series of MRE available in our factory:
High Energy Biscuit 
Civilian Type
MRE 13 Series
MRE 17 Series

High Energy Biscuits - Menu specifications showing 
Description: The high energy biscuit MRE is the 2*125g biscuits as the staple food;


2*125G High Energy Biscuits
40G Sauce Beef
20G Crispy Dried Radish
2*125G High Energy Biscuits
40G Spicy Beef
20G Spicy Cabbage
2-125G High Energy Biscuits
40G Ham
20G Pickled Mustard Tuber

-Civilian Type - Menu specifications showing:


Stewed beef fried rice menu:300g
canned stewed beef fried rice :40g 
canned spiced pork cubes: 20g 
canned pickled
mustard tuber
Soy fried rice menu:300g
canned soy fried rice 40g
canned ham 20g
canned pickled mustard tuber

Chicken fried rice menu:  300g canned chicken fried rice 40g

canned sauce beef 20g

canned pickled mustard tuber

Mixed fried rice menu:300g-canned mixed fried rice
40g-canned ham
20g-canned pickled mustard tuber

13 Series MRE - Menu specification

320g Mixed Fried Rice
320g Soy Fried Rice 
20g Crispy Dried Radish
10g Instant Powder drinks
320g Braise Rice
320g Pickled Cabbage Diced Meat Fried Rice 
20g Spicy Sauce
10g Instant Powder drinks
320g Curry Chicken Fried Rice 
40g Fried Noodles 
20g Spicy Sauce
10g Instant Powder drinks
Mixed fried rice 
300g canned mixed fried rice
40g canned ham
20g canned pickled mustard tuber

17 Series MRE - Menu specification

260g Sausage Fired Rice 
100g Canned Pear 
70g Sesame Seed Cake 40g Sauce Beef 
4g*2 Fruit And Vegetable Fiber Chewable Tablets 1.5g*2 Chewing Gum 20g Pickled Mustard Tuber
240g Tai Huang Seafood Fried Rice 240g Mushroom Stewed Pork Fried Noodles 
20g Mushroom Paste 
20g Spicy Cabbage 
4g*2 Fruit And Vegetable Fiber Chewable Tablets 
1.5g*2 Chewing Gum

260g Curry Fried Rice With Seafood 
200g Stewed Beef Fried Noodles
50g Fish Cake
10g Instant Powder Drinks
3g Chewing Gum
25g Chocolate
20g Chili Oil Flammulina Veltuipes

260g White Noodles 
100g Mushroom With Minced Meat
50g Sauce Beef
30g Energy Bar
10g Instant Power Drinks
3g Chewing Gum
25g Chololate
20g Sweet Crisp Cucumber


300g Rice Cooker Chai
120g Multivitamin Energy Bar
10g Chocolate
8g Seaweed And Egg Soup
10g Banana Chips
3g Chewing Gum
15g Barbeque Sauce
20g Crisp Dried Radish
300g Curry Chicken Fried Rice 
70g Multivitamin Energy Bar
10g Chocolate
8g Tomato And Egg Soup
10g Dried Blueberry
3g Chewing Gum
20g Chili Oil Flammulina Velutipes
15gSpicy chicken sauce
250g Shrimp And Pineapple Fried Rice 
250g Black Pepper Beef Fried Noodles
10g Wild Mushroom Hiblscus Soup
20g Flammulina velutipes and bamboo shoot       
10g Dried Mango
3g Chewing Gum
15g Black Pepper Sauce

-How dose the MRE work?

1.Do not eat the reaction leftovers in the heating bag;
2.Hot caution during operating, please keep ventilation;
3.If the ambient temperature below 0°C, please extend the heating time;
4.Don’t let the water out the heating bag, lest is affect the heating effect.

Why choose the MRE from the ocean food?
1.Ocean Food Factory founded in 1960, formerly known as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army No. 4003 factory, military quality;
2.Ocean Food factory strictly control the quality, use the imported meats and organic grain.
3.We have rich-experience of the exporting and professional after sale service.

- Any interested, please contact with us freely.



Direct: 86 151 324 00201(WhatApp&Wechat)


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