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Different kinds of canned meat(1)


(1) Steamed canned meat: cans made by directly canning raw materials without cooking after preliminary processing. In order to maintain the unique flavor of the original food, only a small amount of table salt (or dilute brine) and spices are added. Original juice cans also belong to steamed cans, but soup should be added to original juice cans, while steamed cans generally do not add soup. It is characterized by maintaining the unique flavor of raw materials to the greatest extent. Such as canned raw pork, steamed beef, white cut chicken and so on.

(2) Seasoning canned meat: cans made of raw meat after finishing, precooking or frying, canning after cooking, and adding seasoning juice. According to different cooking methods and adding juice, these cans can be divided into braised pork, spiced pork, black bean juice, concentrated juice, curry, tomato juice and so on. It is characterized by unique flavor and aroma of raw materials and ingredients, consistent color and neat block shape. Such as braised pork, curry beef, canned rabbit meat in tomato sauce, etc. Seasoning cans are the most numerous kinds of canned meat.