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How to Eat Can of Tuna


How to eat canned tuna
Canned tuna is an important variety of canned aquatic products. The processed canned tuna is mainly albacore and yellowfin tuna. There are many canned tuna varieties, including tuna in raw sauce, spiced tuna, tuna in oil, tuna in vegetable, tuna in tomato sauce. And other varieties. In addition, because tuna muscle contains more sulfur protein, a full-coating tinplate can with anti-sulfur and anti-acid is generally used as a canned container.
1. Open the lid and eat
2. Take out the fish and put it on toast bread
3. Make a cold dressing with seasonal vegetables
4. Tuna in oil for tuna salad
5. Tuna sandwiches (you can add onions if you like)
6. Make tofu soup with tuna
7. Beat the tuna into the eggs and fry them into pancakes.
8. Put the tuna on the soda crackers and eat together
9. Mix the tuna and shredded onion with salt, and then squeeze the lemon juice
canned tuna