Multivitamin Outdoor Food
  • Multivitamin Outdoor FoodMultivitamin Outdoor Food
  • Multivitamin Outdoor FoodMultivitamin Outdoor Food

Multivitamin Outdoor Food

Multivitamin outdoor food is emergency supplies. Multivitamin outdoor food is vacuum-packed and has a long shelf life, so you don't have to worry about expiration.

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Product Description

1.Introduction of Multivitamin Outdoor Food

Multivitamin outdoor food contains Calcium、Iron、Zinc、Selenium、Vitamin A、Vitamin D3、Vitamin B1、Vitamin B2、Vitamin B6 and Niacin. Compared with instant noodles, high energy bar is smaller in size, does not need boiling water, and can be directly opened to eat, which makes it easy to feel full and contains many nutrients.

Multivitamin Outdoor Food

2. Specification of Multivitamin Outdoor Food

CALORIES 2054kJ /491Kcal
FAT 21.5g
SALT 0.236g
CALCIUM 300mg 38%
IRON 5.0mg 36%
ZINC 5.0mg 50%
SELENIUM 9μg 16%
VITAMIN A 317μgRE 40%
VITAMIN D3 2.5μg 50%
VITAMIN B1 0.45mg 41%
VITAMIN B2 0.51mg 37%
VITAMIN B6 0.35mg 25%
NIACIN 4.5mg 28%

Multivitamin Outdoor Food

3. Features of Multivitamin Outdoor Food

Multi Vitamin

Vitamins play a very important role in regulating the normal performance of various functions of the human body.

1) Vitamin A can maintain our normal vision, especially the normal performance of dark vision at night is inseparable from the important role of vitamin A.

Multivitamin Outdoor Food

2) Vitamin B makes our skin and heart function stronger. If vitamin B is deficient, it will show up as rough skin or an edema caused by heart failure.

Multivitamin Outdoor Food

3) Vitamin D can play a very good role in promoting calcium absorption.

Multivitamin Outdoor Food

4. Application of Multivitamin Outdoor Food

1) Have a picnic

When having a picnic with a couple of friends, packing light high energy bar as food is a good idea.

2) Climb the snow mountain

Considering the height of the mountain and the weight of equipment, foods are resistant to hungry like high energy bar is a best choice.

Multivitamin Outdoor Food

3) Family dinner

Multivitamin outdoor food is a good choice for family dinners. Put a few on the table, eat high energy bar and drinking milk while chatting with your family. Enjoyable.

5. Our Factory

Hebei Oceane Import And Export Trading Co., LTD. is developed slowly from a small factory. It has witnessed the reproduction of many families, and it sustains many families. The employees of the company not only inherit the predecessors' meticulous, excellence concept, but also add their own ideas to make the company better and bigger. Now the company caters to the development of The Times, expands business, researches civilian high energy bar, so that the high energy bar is no longer limited to military.

Multivitamin Outdoor Food

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